Friday, 28 March 2014

Temple helps judge Sir Peter Parker Award at the 2014 Sustainable City Awards

Martin Gibson - Head of Operations

Temple supports the Sustainable City Awards by supplying one of the judges for the Sir Peter Parker Award. We are delighted to see so many companies embracing sustainability and it is great to see many of them gaining recognition for their efforts. Of course, they will also have better businesses because of what they have achieved through pursuing sustainability.

Congratulations to Nampak Plastics Ltd for winning the Sir Peter Parker Award for Business Leadership 2014 at the Sustainable City Awards on Thursday evening. The award recognises that Nampak has successfully set new standards of innovation, performance and leadership for sustainability.

Nampak won a tightly fought contest because they have demonstrated real environmental and business benefits in developing a new plastic milk bottle. By starting at the design stage, they have been able to reduce material use by 20% and increase the amount of recycled material used in the new bottle. Nampak produce around 2 billion milk bottles every year. The new bottle would reduce the overall amount of resin used in milk bottles by 10,000 tonnes each year if it were to become the bottle of choice.

Nampak’s new bottle has been made easy for consumers to use and is, of course, fully recyclable. By helping to promote recycling and using a high level of recycled material, Nampak are leading the move towards a circular economy.

The Sir Peter Parker Award for Business Leadership is drawn from the business winners and runners-up of the twelve categories of the Sustainable City Awards. The range of activities that companies are taking to address sustainability is considerable. To demonstrate this, the Awards include categories for finance, resource conservation, food, building and fashion, amongst others. This year there were also awards for entrepreneurship for both businesses and social enterprises. The full range of the awards and the winners can be found on the Sustainable City Awards web site.

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